As someone whose hair is always in a protective style, I’m in constant search for my next look and TikTok is my hunting ground. The app is full of natural hair inspiration, and the latest trend to flood For You pages is raindrop braids. The style’s hashtag already has 4.3 million views; one scroll through the videos and you’ll see why the hairstyle is trending. 

Raindrop braids are a whimsical twist on classic box braids. The style incorporates clear beads to create the illusion that raindrops were delicately placed on each plait. Adding beads and other adornments to box braids is certainly not new, but the technique for raindrop braids is a bit different. 

Maryland-based creator and braider Bethany Nché is credited for starting the trend when she posted a video of her sister modeling knotless braids adorned with clear bubble beads. It wasn’t long before praise started flooding in the comments and requests for a tutorial followed suit.

“The style came about spontaneously,” says Nché. “My sister wanted beads on her hair but the size of the beads were too small so I wondered what would happen if the beads went throughout the hair instead of at the bottom.” After seeing the results of this new technique the braider knew she’d created something innovative. 

“She [Nché] did such an amazing job transforming box braids into an art piece and I knew immediately that I wanted to recreate this look,” says Amencis Berquin, another hair content creator who tried the style on TikTok.

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