There aren’t many people I proudly stan, but Quinta Brunson definitely makes the cut. I clearly have been failing in my duties as a loyal fan because I completely missed the memo that she dyed her hair red — and I don’t think I’m the only one. 

She attended The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Raising Our Voices event on May 31 in a slate-blue three-piece suit with her hair wrapped into a tight top knot with barely there baby hairs. You might be focusing too much on her gorgeous face and smile to notice the reddish tint of her bun. Her natural brunette hue starts at the roots and gradually fades into an auburn hue and highlighted ends that appear to be a bright copper shade.  

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At first, I thought maybe my eyes were deceiving me and it was a simple trick of the lighting, but it seems like this new hair color has been here for a minute. Back on May 13, she was spotted in Philadelphia with her hair in a low, slicked-back ponytail, from which that reddish hair color was clear as day. 

In comparison to the top knot she wore at The Hollywood Reporter event, the ponytail showed how bright the copper shade is because the ends of her hair were free-flowing. You could also see how the very front of her hair still carried her natural brunette hue, but just an inch behind her hairline, it transitioned into the auburn shade. 

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