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It’s September 2023, Pisces, which means two retrogrades end and another begins. Plus, the sun enters romantic Libra. At the end of August, a full moon heightened your intuition and helped you assert yourself. Continue to tap into your confidence to express what you want once Venus goes direct on SundaySeptember 3. Because Venus rules love and money, while astrologers are no match for our mess of an economy, talking about such topics is easier and yields better results when this planet is direct.

The next day, on Monday, September 4, Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus and your 3rd House of Communication. Because this retrograde is all about redos, you have a second chance to express your feelings. Did you fumble the ball recently? It’s okay — Mercury is still retrograde. But if you backed out before asking your crush out, or conversely, pushed your needs away to keep the peace, now that Jupiter is retrograde, the stars ask you to try again at asserting your needs. You can do it. You’re currently on a spiritual journey about finding your voice and screaming at the top of your lungs when necessary, which is no easy task for water signs, who often prefer cryptic poetry over straightforward conversations.

Another event to pay attention to: Pallas (the “asteroid of wisdom”) enters Libra (your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation) on Wednesday, September 13, aiding you in this spiritual makeover, especially surrounding romantic relationships. This day could also see you enjoying sex so good it feels downright divine as Vesta, the “asteroid of spirituality,” enters Cancer and your 5th House of Pleasure also on Wednesday, September 13.

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Your star assignment in September is to assert yourself. Don’t be daunted; finding and using your voice will be much easier than it sounds and can help you get what your heart and your soul needs. Whether it’s a friend or partner, your loved ones respect the honest communication you bring to the table. Plus, people tend to respond well to confidence when it comes from a genuine place. As a result, a healthier, fresher cycle starts in your relationships when Thursday, September 14, brings a new moon in your Virgo and your 7th House of Partnership. Any lingering fears about speaking your truth dissipate when Mercury retrograde finally ends on Friday, September 15.

The sun enters Libra on Friday, September 22. Because Libra is the sign of relationships and occurs around the time autumn begins, we associate Libra season with cuffing season. Many Pisces may indeed find themselves settling into romances. However, it’s really about feeling cozy. Libra is also the sign of balance and justice, so your priority for the next few weeks should be promoting a healthy work/life balance and spending time with the folks who feel like home. So, it’s okay if you stay in and relax — and avoid partying hard — when Friday, September 29, brings a full moon in fire sign Aries. (FYI: Aries which always comes with a potential forecast for drama, so staying in is a safe bet.) Remember that you deserve your confidence, just as you deserve respect and happiness, and we’ll see you in October.

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