Saturday, October 14, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. This celestial event ignites your passion for Halloween costumes and creative self-expression. Eclipses are drama queens; tapping into your artistic side through makeup or other wellness routines is the ideal survival method. 

On Tuesday, October 17, Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters your 7th House of Partnership. Platonic connections may take on a romantic hue, and you might find yourself going out with someone who wasn’t on your bingo card. Asexual or not dating? We don’t have to tell you this, but plenty of non-sexual friendships can feel romantic or just like family. Those matter just as much, so say yes when you’re invited over for dinner or to meet someone’s other family (don’t give in to jealousy, even during Scorpio season). 

With Mercury’s move into Scorpio on Saturday, October 21, landing in your 6th House of Health, you may feel a bit rundown. Don’t worry, astrologers aren’t doctors. This isn’t a cause for alarm but a call for self-care and play. (Have you checked out our 2023 Best of Beauty winners?) Mercury is about communicating, but that doesn’t have to be with words. Makeup holds power and allows for self-expression that can say more than any text message. 

On Monday, October 23, the sun enters Scorpio, lighting up your 9th House of Philosophy. You might experience waves of nostalgia in the coming weeks and reflect on past adventures. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing, but just don’t let it venture into longing for your toxic ex territory. If it gets to that point, as a famous gameshow host once advised, phone a friend. 

However, come Saturday, October 28, a full moon and lunar eclipse in your 3rd House of Communication signal a need to postpone important conversations. You may not have the emotional bandwidth to engage fully, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s Halloweekend, as the kids say, after all. And due to the dramatic eclipses, there’s already too high a risk for understanding. Focus on having fun and postpone big talks until November. We can’t wait to check in with you then. 

Important astrological dates in October 2023:

Wednesday, October 4: Mercury enters Libra
Sunday, October 8: Venus enters Virgo
Tuesday, October 10: Pluto goes direct in Capricorn
Wednesday, October 11: Mars enters Scorpio
Saturday, October 14: New moon and solar eclipse in Libra
Tuesday, October 17: Juno enters Virgo
Saturday, October 21: Mercury enters Scorpio
Monday, October 23: The sun enters Scorpio
Saturday, October 28: Full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus

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