One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing celebrities look nothing like themselves. For example, when I saw Paris Hilton‘s costume, I didn’t realize it was her because she had long black waves instead of her signature frosty blonde hair. The socialite pulled out a black wig to dress up as Katy Perry, specifically in reference to the red latex outfit the pop star wore during her Las Vegas residency.

On October 28, Hilton attended Vas Morgan and Michael Braun’s Halloween Party in her all-red outfit with long black hair. She wore a latex bodysuit, chaps with fringes running down either side, and a mushroom-shaped hat. The hat sat on top of her loose, jet-black waves, which cascaded towards her waist. She paired them with bronzed cheeks and glossy nude lips

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On first impression, I thought that Hilton had created her own version of Toad from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, but, in fact, she chose to recreate the red latex fringe ensemble that Perry wore for her Las Vegas Residency in 2021. If, like me, you’re unfamiliar with the look, take a peek at the photo below and you’ll see just how much nailed the look. Hilton’s fans certainly think so; as one user commented on her Instagram post, “You look more like Katy than Katy! That’s hot.”

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