Of all the beauty looks at the 2020 Oscars, one in particular took us by surprise. Screen legend Jane Fonda, who’s as known for her icy-blonde hair as she is for her activism, stepped onto the Academy Awards stage with a full head of gorgeous gray hair.

Fonda presented the award for best picture, and perhaps just as pleasantly surprising as Parasite‘s win was her choice to stand in front of Hollywood in a variation on her natural hair color.

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Jack Martin, silver hair colorist extraordinaire, took credit for Fonda’s beautiful transformation on Instagram. It took seven hours to complete the look, which Martin accomplished in an intricate process that involved bleaching with foils in small sections, toning with silver and platinum shades, and lots of damage-controlling Olaplex along the way. Their goal was a silver, icy blonde that she wanted to be a surprise on Oscar night.

“Spending seven hours with this amazing Hollywood star and witnessing her energy, beauty, strength, and femininity was so inspiring,” Martin wrote on Instagram. “For straight seven hours while I was working on her hair, she was writing chapters in her due-soon book, memorizing her lines, answering emails and reading her newspapers, plus communicating with me and her team with the sweetest, humblest soul. She made me feel ashamed to complain of being tired! This experience was extremely great and I will never forget this amazing day.”

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