Some good news for the low-maintenance types among us: your chipped nails are now on trend. Well, at least if you’re a member of Gen-Z, the patron saint of whom is pop princess Olivia Rodrigo, who just unveiled a chipped black manicure. And given that the star works with a full glam team, that four-week-old finish is no accident.

Posing with her hand over a plump pout, the singer’s manicure was either your idea of heaven or your idea of hell. Black and artfully worn off in places, Rodrigo’s nails might inspire a certain joy — someone in the public eye making most people’s normal state of nail affairs a thing is certainly refreshing. Or they might leave you itching to reach for the nail polish remover.

Either way, chipped nails are becoming increasingly popular, with more than 10.4 million views on the term on TikTok. While in recent years, the polished French manicure — which requires precision and perfect application to look good — has become ubiquitous, the tide is turning and many are seeking alternatives. Whether that’s going completely bare, swapping gel formulas for ordinary polish, or getting on board with the chipped nail look like Rodrigo, who makes a surprisingly good case for something a little bit different.

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