I have a lot of hair. That said, when I do decide to wash it, it needs to be planned and put on my calendar like a meeting. It takes time — sometimes upwards of hours, when I factor in drying and styling — to get whatever look I’m going for. All that said, you can probably understand why I dread the task. 

Throughout the years, I have trained my scalp to know it will only get scrubbed once every 10 days. How did I do that? With a bit of help from my best friend, dry shampoo. However, the quest to find the right one has been a challenge. The majority of dry shampoos I’ve sampled leave my hair heaving heavy, chalky, and worst of all, with a white cast.  There are so many on the market — drugstore picks and high-end snags alike — but folks, throw all of that to the side because there’s a new guy in town. Everyone’s favorite hair-care brand, Olaplex, now has a dry shampoo.

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Meet the Olaplex No. 4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo, the latest member of the viral Olaplex family. If you’re familiar with Olaplex, you know that the brand has been a leader in the hair industry for quite some time, frequently going viral on TikTok and selling out on shelves nationwide. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, here’s a little summary. The line consists of 11 products that range from conditioning masks to oils — and now, dry shampoo. Each product in the collection is unique in its own way; however, they all do have one thing in common and that’s a special, bond-building ingredient. 

Each Olaplex product, including this dry shampoo, is formulated with bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate (say that three times fast), which repairs broken strands caused by heat, chemical treatments, etc. to rejuvenate the look and feel of your hair. But that’s just a built-in plus of the No. 4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo. 

According to New Jersey-based cosmetic chemist Ginger King, the main formulation in this dry shampoo consists of two starches: aluminum starch octenylsuccinate and oryza sativa, a starch sourced from brown rice. These two work together to absorb excess oil and give volume to the hair. These starches are superfine so the brand claims they won’t feel heavy and won’t leave behind any white residue (thank goodness). Another notable ingredient is rambutan seed extract that soothes the scalp, ensuring it doesn’t dry out. 

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