Whoever’s been spreading rumors that Nina Dobrev is wearing extensions better watch out. (Has anyone been spreading rumors that Nina Dobrev is wearing extensions?) Although plenty of stars rely on extensions to add length and thickness to their hair, the Out-Laws actor doesn’t want anyone to assume she should be lumped in with the faux-hair horde, and she’s making that perfectly clear.

Dobrev posted a carousel to her Instagram grid on Tuesday, July 25, with the caption, “a New York minute ⏰,” capturing an array of recent moments in the Big Apple. We see her at a restaurant with her dog, posing on the sidewalk with what appears to be an iced matcha latte, getting ready for an event, taking a mirror selfies on a comfy-looking couch, clinking glasses with friends, and more.

But the second slide of the batch is where she dispels any baseless myths about whether or not her hair is, in fact, her own hair. “I just want the record to show that this is all my real hair. I don’t know what’s happening here,” she says, referring to the misshapen sections of her hair — typical post-updo lumps. “But I own… I grew all of this.”

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