Inside you, there are two wolves. And inside Nicole Kidman, there are two ponytails. 

Have you ever been completely torn over how you wanted to style your hair for a certain occasion? Kidman apparently has. Like so many of us, it seems she was recently feeling both a polished and imperfect look at the same time, and from the looks of it, she managed to pull off both vibes simultaneously.

The award-winning actor visited Las Vegas, a trip that included attending an Adele concert. Kidman posted a photo taken at that show — a lovely profile shot of her looking up at confetti raining down on the audience. And either just the back of her ponytail got in the way of the confetti cannon or the look was very intentionally styled for major contrast.

The front of her hair is smooth and sweet, with her face-framing shortest layer partially tucked behind her ears and partially hanging loose at her temples for a soft tendril effect. But once you get to the crown, all hell breaks loose — and in the chicest way possible.

In addition to bumps and lumps being left in the base of the ponytail, the ponytail itself is a beautiful mess. It looks like this portion of her hair hasn’t seen a brush in a while — maybe a teasing comb, but not a brush.

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