Did a robot or a mathematician do Nicole Kidman‘s hair for the 2023 CMA Awards? Her center part is so precise that it almost looks fake.

The actor attended the country awards ceremony with her husband, Keith Urban, looking more sleek and chic than Dolly Parton in a slim column dress and super straight strawberry blonde hair to match. Her hair was blown out straight and likely ironed for a pin-straight finish; there’s zero percent bend on those ends, though her mid-lengths do have a bit of motion and movement.

But that part! Let’s get back to the real star of the show. Kidman’s hair was parted sharply in the center as a foundation for the sculptural style with absolutely zero errant hairs messing up the pristine separation. Seriously, it’s so perfect that I almost think her stylist used a tweezer to separate each hair one by one. Do they give Academy Awards for Best Part? They should.

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Kidman went for subtle glam for the evening, sticking to her typical palette of neutral peachy shades on her eyes, lips and cheeks to keep focus on the dress and her sleek style.

Straight hair isn’t new for Kidman, of course; the actor occasionally lets her natural curls out the play, but usually hits the red carpet with her hair blown out mostly straight. However, the CMA Awards middle part moment is in stark contrast to the tousled look she wore for the Academy of Country Music Awards show (keeping all these names straight), which was giving rock ‘n roll versus country queen. The award-winning actor also wore more textured, tousled hair to the 2023 Oscars, paired with a messy, zig-zag part.

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