Nicole Kidman started her Hollywood career with a head full of red ringlets, and while she occasionally revisits her curls, the Oscar winner typically sticks to a straighter style. And on Kidman, straight styles are anything but basic, as evidenced by her latest pin-straight yet voluminous blowout.

Kidman jetted off to London for the launch of her new Paramount+ spy series Special Ops: Lioness wearing her hair in a very-on theme blowout; she plays a CIA operative in the new show. Her pale golden blonde hair was parted precisely in the middle and curled under to show off every strategic layer of her cut and highlight her face, similar to the layered “Rachel” styles of the ’90s. The look was clearly the result of a hardworking blowdryer and flatiron combo, but despite the sheer perfection of every straight strand, Kidman’s hair didn’t fall flat. Rather, it did the opposite, appearing thick and full with just enough volume to make it swing beautifully as she moved and landing perfect around her shoulders with nary a strand out of place. This is how you bring back the ’90s supermodel hair, and perhaps a set of Velcro rollers and a few strategic sprtizes of volumizing spray are to thank for the subtle bounce and volume.

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