It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s Halloween, or, rather, Halloween is approaching. I’ve been obsessing over all the costumes I’ve been seeing, and arguably the most fitting I’ve witnessed yet is Saweetie dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. 

On October 29, the rapper posted a video of her costume with the caption, “are these long enough for u,” The short clip shows Saweetie dressed in a leather two-piece set and platform boots, posing in front of a white background, cutting some hedges, and strutting rather waddling around with her Scissorhands. 

In the eponymous Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands wore a leather jumpsuit full of belts and buckles, had disheveled hair, pale skin, and, of course, his scissors for hands. Saweetie adapted the look for herself with the leather crop top and maxi skirt embellished with belts, buckles, and chains. Her hair was a frizzy mess with curly and wavy tendrils poking out at random.  

Her nail artist Temeka Jackson created the long silver talons that look like textured knives and scissors. Though this Scissorhands-inspired manicure was almost as long as Saweetie’s forearms, we’re sure that she was used to it, given her penchant for almost comically long manicures.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Kenya Alexis made the rapper look as white as snow and replicated Scissorhands’s facial cuts with black makeup. She sculpted Saweetie’s cheekbones and eyes with dark shadows to achieve that ghastly look. Alexis also painted the rapper’s lips with a burgundy lipstick

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