When I’m running an errand, I could care less how I look — sometimes I’m basically a living troll doll (I mean, I’m 5’2″, so I’m not much taller) with colorful hair and all. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, has that off-duty model vibe figured out, which is why we’re obsessing over the ponytail she wore for a recent errand run. 

On October 15, Lopez was spotted walking in the streets of Los Angeles hand-in-hand with daughter Emme. The actor looked extra comfortable in metallic leggings, a white sweatshirt, and matching sneakers. Her blonde-highlighted hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail at the back of her head. 

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She might have used some gel or mousse to slick down her hair because there are very few flyaways. She also lightly swooped the baby hairs around her temple area. Her hair fell from the ponytail in loose waves to her upper back. 

Because the sunlight highlights all the brown and blonde shades in her hair, you can see how the colors seamlessly flow into one another. Her roots are a dark brunette that transitions into a warm cinnamon and then a bright honey-blonde towards the end.

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