Millie Bobby Brown never liked wearing fragrances. “I like more extracts and essential oils and things like that,” the actor tells me over video chat while her high pigtails swish back and forth. “So I’ve always stayed more on the natural side and never found a scent that suited me and my lifestyle.”

That was, until she made one herself. On September 6, the actor’s brand Florence by Mills launches its first-ever fragrance, Wildly Me, which has been in the making for nearly two years (she’s not totally sure on the exact timeline, but she recalls testing samples while shooting Enola Holmes 2).

Evidently, Brown wasn’t looking for a fragrance so much as a vibe. “It really interested me to make something less focused on fragrance and more on personal auras and what suits an individual,” she says. “I wanted our fragrance to be nostalgic, to bring you back to someone that smelled like that or a certain place.”

With notes such as bergamot, sage, and sandalwood plus a garden’s worth of gentle florals, Wildly Me evokes thoughts of lighting a candle and luxuriating in cozy bedsheets right after a long, hot shower. Consider this fragrance a second skin of sorts, a whisper of something people can tell is there but can’t quite identify.

In the weeks leading up to the product’s launch (there’s a waitlist up for it right now, by the way, which will grant you access to the scent a day sooner), Brown answered a few of Allure’s favorite rapid-fire beauty questions.

Allure: Not to be creepy, but what do you smell like right now?

Brown: Wildly Me. It is set on my kitchen counter, and everyone that comes [into my home] smell it. On me, specifically, I think it smells musky. The sandalwood pops through a bit more.

Allure: Rotating fragrance wardrobe or signature scent?

Brown: One signature thing. I love body oils, I love body wash, body cream… I was never really interested in fragrances in general until we created [Florence by Mills]. Now, I smell products and I’m like, “Oh, I like that scent.”

Florence by Mills Wildly Me

Allure: You’re stuck on a plane for 18 hours, and you need to look good when you get off. What products are in your carry-on?

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