On April 19, Michelle Obama sat down across from Jimmy Fallon to chat about her book, new podcast, and her relationship with Oprah. At the time, her waist-length goddess box braids were styled into a high ponytail for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But two days later at another press event, those curly braids were finessed into an intricate updo that we can’t quite put a name on.  

Obama wore the braided look for CBS Mornings with Gayle King to chat about her podcast. The former First Lady wore a canary-yellow jacket with black slacks. From the front, you can see that her small braids were parted lightly down the middle and swept to the back and into this twisted style. 

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Obama was later spotted in the streets of New York City with her braided updo, where you could get a better look at the back and side of her hair. It looks like the braids were twisted, braided, and weaved together to form the intricate chignon-like style. Her braids’ curly ends added texture and volume to her hairstyle. 

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