I’m definitely not the first or last person to tell you that no one really notices that one little thing about your appearance that you consider an imperfection — and even if they do notice it, it doesn’t detract from your overall gorgeousness. For example, perhaps you have short eyelashes, and you find that frustrating and less than ideal. Well, what if I told you that the objectively stunning Kat Dennings has short eyelashes, too? It’s true! 

On Sunday, Dennings expressed incredulity on her Instagram Stories over how some people are running — on purpose — in this historic heat. She followed that slide with a closeup of her eyes and the caption, “I’m not going outdoors again until fall thank u.” That was then followed by an even closer closeup that reads, “Also don’t come for my short lashes I’ve always had short lashes and I accept it I just accept it.”

And that’s the spirit! But for reals — have you literally ever noticed before this that her lashes are short kings? And now that you know, do you see her in anything less the same admiring light? Of course not. And while winged eyeliner is her signature style and she might incorporate mascara into her look, Dennings told us in 2022 that you won’t catch her wearing false lashes unless an on-set makeup artist is applying them for a role.

Instagram/Kat Dennings

Instagram/Kat Dennings

Although getting comfortable with something like short lashes (which is a totally not-at-all-abnormal thing to have) is fantastic, acceptance doesn’t mean you have to give up on trying to achieve the look of longer lashes. Variety is the spice of life — you can go with bare lashes one day, mascara the next, and false lashes whenever you’ve got the patience to apply them. Just know that if your lashes are short, you’re in very good company.

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