Megan Thee Stallion’s latest manicure just brought me to another level of consciousness and opened up my heart chakra.

Megan is the latest celeb to put her stamp on the aura nails trend, and her take is already in my top ten favorites ever. She shared a peek at her rose-tinted manicure on Instagram and if the color of her aura is any indication, may have given us insight into her current mood and mindset too.

The rapper’s nails were sculpted into long, precise lipstick points — one of her favorite silhouettes — and painted with a sweet and subtle baby pink polish with a bright pink aura detail in the middle of each nail. The most vibrant color nearly vibrated at the center of her “aura,” with lighter shades of pink surrounding it and melting right into the baby pink base. According to several experts, a pink aura is connected to your heart chakra; those with a rose-colored aura are sensitive, loving, passionate and romantic. Megan styled the manicure with two enormous bubble rings in hot pink and sea blue and wore two tropical flowers in her hair for a beachy, fun-in-the-sun vibe.

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