Over Labor Day Weekend, Megan Thee Stallion announced that she and fellow rapper Cardi B were dropping their new music video, “Bongos,” on September 8. Four days after the video’s release, the duo performed the single at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, held on September 12. Before getting on stage, the Hot Girl Coach posed on the pink carpet and showed off her strapless mesh gown, slicked-back hair, and shimmery, lipstick-shaped jelly nails. 

And these jelly nails had a surprise inside: snake-print fabric. The rapper gave photographers a few peeps at her long, glittery tips, and you could see the splotches of animal print throughout each nail. But it was hard to make out what kind of animal print it was. Thankfully, her go-to nail artist Coca Michelle, who shaped and painted the set, shared more details and a closer look via her Instagram Stories. 

She first posted a close-up shot of the nails with the caption “encapsulated snake print fabric,” and you can actually make out the snake print pattern thanks to her due diligence. Additionally, you can see all the golden flecks of glitter throughout Meg’s mostly transparent tips. Michelle revealed that she took inspiration from the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer Plumper in the shimmery golden hue Lemon Lava for the glistening manicure — she even posted a short close-up video showing all the tiny pieces of golden glitter in her lip gloss

Michelle posted another view of the nails on her Stories, and this picture was a close-up of Meg’s hands as she held her phone. Lastly, the nail artist posted pictures of the snake print fabric scraps she used. This print was a muted tan hue with black splotches representing a snake’s scales. 

We have long been big fans of each and every single manicure that Megan Thee Stallion and Coca Michelle come up with. Their creativity is beyond out-of-the-box, as they have used unconventional items, including thermal print imaging, hot oozing lava, and a skeletal Xray, as inspiration. So I won’t even bother trying to guess what the next Meg manicure will look like because this duo is truly unpredictable. 

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