At the end of May, Megan Thee Stallion officially became a redhead. Instead of wearing one of her usual wigs, the Houston rapper popped out with her natural curls dyed a ginger hue. She switched the shade to a cherry-red hue in July, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get a good look at her new hair color because her hair was slicked back into a tight bun when she revealed it. Only now, two months later, are we able to appreciate each and every crimson spiral. 

On September 19, Thee Stallion posted a few Instagram photos, which are from an ad campaign with Frito-Lay, showing her massive red curls. The first photo depicted the Houston rapper posing with her head thrown over her shoulder and her tongue poking out. Her voluminous dark cherry-red curls surrounded her like a mane, and the shortest pieces formed bangs that covered some of her eyebrows.

Though her dark red hair is a moment, her cheetah print manicure almost stole the show. It might be hard to see the long, lipstick-shaped tips because they blend in with the bag of chips in either hand. Each bright orange nail was covered in black splotches of various sizes that mimicked a cheetah’s spots. 

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