I consider myself a proud Hottie and worshipper — I mean, big fan — of Megan Thee Stallion. Yet somehow, some way I completely missed her elaborate blue French manicure, and it wasn’t because I don’t pay attention to the Hot Girl Captain. I was too busy admiring her gorgeous face and bouncy curls in her mirror selfie that I didn’t even notice her nails until three days after she posted it. 

The mirror selfie in question was posted ontoher Instagram on April 30. In it, Meg stared at her phone as she held a nude lipstick from Revlon (she’s an ambassador for the brand) up to her face. Her manicure featured C-curved tips that covered about 75 percent of her sharp, lipstick nails and housed several different shades of blue. 

It’s hard to see all the details, but you can spot a few slender leaves and even some yellow flowers on each tip. A cobalt blue gem with an ornate gold border decorated each nail right where the C-curve meets the milky color at the base of her nails. Her lipstick nails almost matched her powder-blue phone case.  

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