In case you missed the memo, it’s a Hot Girl Summer, a Hot Chef Summer, and a Hot Bootcamp Summer. Megan Thee Stallion, aka the Hot Girl Coach, gave her Hotties her banging Hot Cheeto-crusted fried pickle recipe and revealed her new red hair at the same time on July 24. Two days later, she posted another video for her Instagram fans, but this time around she gave them a peek at some of her workouts — and I’m impressed that she did all these workouts with her curly hair fully out. 

Now, if you’re like me and your version of working out is walking from your bed to the kitchen (in my defense, I have to go upstairs, so don’t judge), you’ll be in awe of Meg’s fitness routine. She started the video by showing off her pink “you look good” rug and mint-green toenails before she got down to business. 

The next clip featured Thee Stallion in a blue workout outfit with her mane of hair, sans red color, surrounding her as she did numerous workouts, including pulling her trainer across the floor and weight lifting. Not so much as a headband was holding her hair back. 

In the next few short videos, she shows some other workouts she does, including running up a sandhill, something she later regrets. “Now I do not suggest this unless you are training to be a goddamn firefighter or first responder or some shit because this shit will knock the wind out of your ass. Cut this motherfucking camera off,” she says in a voiceover as she runs up the hill. But for that activity and the other ones, she tied her hair back into a low bun

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