I nearly fainted this morning, and Megan Thee Stallion is at fault. As I was beginning my morning scroll through Instagram, the very first post to cross my feed was a video of the Houston-based rapper wearing a two-toned pink wig and cosplaying as the cursed spirit Sukuna from the anime series Jujustu Kaisen.

On July 17, the Hot Girl Captain posted a video showing her transformation and captioned it, “Ima learn how how to edit one day but eff it lol I’m watching jujitsu kaisen lol and sakuna my bihh.” Meg first appeared in the video wearing the two-toned wig while her go-to hairstylist Kellon Deryck curled her hair. The front of her hair, including the blunt fringe, was a rosy pink color, and the rest of her hair was auburn. 

She dipped out of the frame briefly and popped back in showing off her neutral cut crease eye makeup and glossy lips. She also wore a black line underneath each eye, a signature part of Sukuna’s look. As Sukuna talks in the background, Meg mouthed the words before disappearing out of frame again.  

She then returned to reveal her Sukuna cosplay, which included bright red contacts and the remainder of his markings drawn on her face. The curls Deryck added to her hair gave the blunt lob and wispy bangs some texture. 

She also revealed her latest manicure in the video. Her lipstick-shaped nails were a beautiful lime-green ombré set. The nails were a pale green nearest her cuticles and transitioned into a neon color. 

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