Wake up — Megan Thee Stallion dropped another workout video. If you’re not a loyal member of the Hotties, then you probably haven’t noticed that the Hot Girl Coach has been preparing for something with her intense workouts. Seriously, within seconds of watching her videos, I’m already sweating, even though I am comfortably sitting and not doing a thing besides moving my thumbs across my phone screen. So you can understand how amazed I was when I saw her working out with long stiletto nails.

On October 9, she posted her latest workout video to Instagram and TikTok, noting in her TikTok caption that she is working on building her butt this month. She opened the video with a short clip of herself looking in the gym mirror, which showed one of the clearest views of her seemingly sparkly stiletto tips as she held her phone. “Yes, I am still training for my goddamn Hunter’s exam,” she says in a voiceover as she lifts weights. “Hunter’s exam” is a reference to the anime Hunter x Hunter

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make out the exact color or design on each pointy nail as she spends the rest of the video lifting more weights, performing various types of squats, and doing other exercises. From what we can see, it looks like this manicure might be an iridescent set. During one of her exercises, she’s in a plank form with her hands laid out in front of her, and you can see her broken middle fingernail on one hand. 

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