There aren’t many things that can make long weekends better, but one thing that can is when Megan Thee Stallion drops a new Instagram post. Over the July 4 weekend, Thee Stallion proved she has not a single lick of concern for the state of my neck, jaw, or overall health when she shared not one but two separate bikini looks. I’m still aggressively fanning myself from her second look, which included a golden bikini and voluminous blonde bob

Thee Stallion posted a short clip in which she’s practicing her supermodel posing skills in the metallic bikini and her blonde curls on July 1. She kept the caption simple with two emojis — a face with the tongue hanging out and the video camera — and played Jagged Edge’s “Put a Little Umph In It” playing in the background of the video. As we get to appreciate all angles of Thee Stallion, we also get to see a little more of this bouncy hair. 

The Hot Girl captain is no stranger to blonde, and this shade looked nearly white, though the video’s grainy filter and her location’s lighting might have distorted the appearance of the color. You can see a sliver of her dark roots from some angles in the video. The longest tips of her curls grazed her shoulders, while the shorter pieces of hair fell to her cheekbone area.

Though I didn’t get the clearest look at her makeup, it looks similar to her usual glam: neutral eye makeup, a cat eye, and glossy nude lips. I couldn’t make out her manicure either, but I did spot long golden tips with a 3D decal of some sort. 

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