It’s been a while since Megan Thee Stallion blessed a stage with her presence, but that ended on June 9 when the Houston rapper headlined LA Pride in the Park. As expected from Thee Stallion, she wowed fans with a squat-heavy dance routine that convinced us her knees are probably made of Vibranium, sick rhymes, plus — our favorite part — a miles-long curly wig and a bedazzled manicure. 

She returned to the public eye in March after a months-long hiatus from performing and social media, and the Hot Girl Captain has since been wearing a massive head of natural curls that has earned her comparisons to the actor Pam Grier. The array of wigs that we had gotten used to seeing her wear had been noticeably absent until her performance for LA Pride. 

Her go-to hairstylist Kellon Deryck installed and styled this textured unit. He parted the lengthy curls down the middle and let them cascade towards her waist. He didn’t swoop or loop a single baby hair on her forehead, instead letting the wig’s hairline do all the work. It was the very definition of “what lace?” And we expect nothing less from Meg and Deryck.   

Makeup artist Lauren Elise Child did her glam for the night. She blended shimmery shadows on Meg’s lids with darker pigments smoked out on the outer corners of each eye. She made the Houston rapper’s lips gleam with a nude gloss. It’s hard to tell if it was just sweat making Meg glisten or if Child buffed a shimmery highlighter on her cheeks — our guess? It was likely both. 

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