Do you remember the first time you wore butterfly clips? I certainly do. I had a set of iridescent blue and purple plastic butterflies that I thought were the most gorgeous thing ever, but Megan Fox’s hyperrealistic version would certainly have blown my middle school self’s mind.

Fox, who is currently promoting her new book Pretty Boys are Poisonous, took the Y2K styling accessory up many, many notches with bright blue butterfly and pale pink clips pinned to her siren red hair, looking as though they could lift off and take flight at any second.

Fox’s hair was worn into a sweet bob, parted in the center and styled with slightly flicked-out ends (another nod to Y2K!), plus a set of brow-skimming bangs — a new addition to her look that really works on the actor and writer, though we’re not 100% sure if they’re clip-ins or an actual cut. Stylist Dimitris Giannetos pinned three lifelike butterfly pins to the side of her head to add a touch of whimsy to the crimson bob.

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