Megan Fox has always been fascinated by astrology and spirituality. She’s a proud Taurean and an expert at reading birth charts, and now she’s taken her cosmic connections one step further with a futuristic silver chrome manicure and a series of delicate hand tattoos to match.

Manicurist Brittney Boyce, who frequently works with the star, shared a video of Fox’s fresh set and the equally fresh microfine ink done by Sydney Smith. There’s a lot of newness going on, so let’s start with the manicure. Boyce shaped Fox’s nails into her preferred long stiletto shape with a smoky gray color for the base. Boyce then used a shiny silver chrome polish to paint on a textured latticework design reminiscent of a space suit or a suit of armor from the year 3023.

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Each of Fox’s fingers has been inked with extremely delicate designs both above and below her knuckles, including “11s” on her pinkies, teeny tiny stars, dots and moons. Fox already had a small tattoo on her ring finger, a matching design she got with Machine Gun Kelly, so Smith didn’t add another design there, but each jewel-like tattoo adds an ethereal, otherworldly beauty to Fox’s hands and fits in perfectly with her glam girl-with-an-edge aesthetic. (Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande both have similarly subtle hand tats.)

Fox and Boyce frequently look to astrology and the sleekly shiny silver vibes of the future when it comes to the star’s nail art. After taking a break from the spotlight and wiping her Instagram, Fox made a comeback via her inky black and silver Taurus season mani. Later, she hit the red carpet in a silver and hot pink Barbiecore-goes-industrial set with plenty of chrome detail work. But that’s Megan, always one lightyear ahead of the curve!

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