Leave it to Martha Stewart to make the most of a canceled flight to Chicago. The homekeeping icon and entrepreneur shared that she didn’t let the change of plans bring her down — she just went and got her hair cut instead!

Stewart documented her airline journey on her Instagram, where she famously chronicles her glamorous life as only she can. “My flight to Chicago was cancelled today Chicago O’Hara [sic] was closed mid morning to all flights because of very bad weather,” Stewart wrote. “I missed my speaking engagement at a huge gathering hosted by @beckershealthcare. This is the very first time in my career that I missed a contracted appearance and I felt really disappointed.” Despite her disappointment, Stewart took advantage of the time in her schedule. “However I used the newly found time to get a manicure pedicure by Luda and a haircut by the maestro himself John Barrett. The new do is refreshing and lovely!”

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Lovely it is, as you can see by Stewart’s new thirst trap selfies accompanying the tragic tale of a canceled trip. Stewart’s champagne blonde hair has been trimmed into a sophisticated layered bob with lots of lush texture and volume. Barrett styled the cut parted to one side so Stewart’s bangs brushed over one eye for a peekaboo Veronica Lake effect, ideal for that now-signature sultry selfie pose. When a fan asked what Stewart’s beauty routine entails, the queen answered by saying she does Pilates three times a week, rides horses at least once a week and eats well. “No smoking, little drinking, green juice daily,” Stewart advised.

It had been awhile since Stewart blessed us with a selfie, and this one (not to mention its accompanying story) really hit the mark. The star knows when to drop a selfie, as evidenced by her glam shampoo bowl pics, the soft glam holiday shot and, of course, the original frosted glam swimming pic that sent shockwaves across the internet. She’s the teacher and we’re the eager students — and it’s such a good thing.

Martha is here to teach you what you need to know:

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