There’s no official rule stating that your makeup must match an element of your outfit. Many people actually frown upon the idea of, say, wearing a red skirt and echoing that shade perfectly on your lips. But there’s no rule stating you can’t match your makeup to your outfit, either. And sometimes, you can’t help but feel inspired by your accessories — as appears to be the case with Marisa Tomei‘s latest makeup look.

Tomei, more often than not, opts for neutral makeup hues: barely-there lip tints in subtle pinks and peaches, and warm brown eye shadow with the occasional touch of shimmer or black liner. But on Monday, November 6, the Oscar winner attended a screening of the documentary Lakota Nation vs. United States in New York City with a decidedly different approach to makeup.

The actor wore a belted, black maxi dress that let her Maison Margiela boots peek out past the hem. On the opposite end of the dress was a fabulous statement necklace — or perhaps an elaborate collar? Either way, it’s easy to understand why Tomei would want to take a cue from it for her eye makeup. It starts with golden and iridescent beads that transition into bigger beads in shades of peacock-like blues and greens.

Tomei’s makeup includes her usual fresh-faced foundation and a hint of pink on her lips, but her eyes are a reflection of those bold beads. Blue liner completely surrounds her eyes — but not just one shade of blue. Much like her necklace, it’s a gradient blend of different blues, ranging from cobalt to turquoise. 

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