Barbie and I have a deep history. I got my first doll at the tender age of two circa 1990 and we’ve been pals ever since, so the Barbie movie is basically the culmination of everything I love. Thus, I’ve been watching Margot Robbie’s press tour looks like a hawk, admiring how she and her team channel the many, many Barbies of the past while giving it her own personal spin. For the Mexico premiere of the Greta Gerwig-helmed movie, Robbie threw it back to the Barbies of my youth with a crimped wavy style straight outta the ’90s.

Robbie’s inspo for the evening was very likely the iconic Totally Hair Barbie from 1992, whose extra-long hair was styled in trendy bends all the way to her ankles. Robbie’s version was a little more subdued than the doll of the past, but if you coveted Totally Hair Barbie or were lucky enough to own one, you’d clock that crimp from a mile away! Given that Robbie has planted all sorts of Barbie-related Easter eggs in her press looks, it’s no surprise she’d be finding inspo from the one and only Totally Hair Barbie; while every Barbie has great hair (until you cut it or tangle it in one of those plastic brushes, anyway), Totally Hair Barbie was a whole mood.

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