I really thought Margot Robbie had exhausted every way to wear pink on the Barbie press tour, but she surprises me every. single. time. The actor has more than proven the sheer versatility of Barbie’s signature color and now I’m digging through my makeup bag looking for pink eye shadow to mimic her latest look.

For a Barbie photocall across the pond in London, Robbie wore head-to-toe pink, and that includes her makeup. While she’s typically let the clothes do the talking at every premiere and photocall, this time Robbie wore a monochromatic rose eye, cheek and lip combo alongside her pale pink suit, bag and platform pumps. While pink eye shadow can look intimidating in the pan, Robbie’s lids are the perfect example of how pretty the color is on the eyes; the true pink hue made her blue eyes shine, and the lack of eyeliner kept it looking fresh and modern. Robbie’s cheekbones were dusted with a similar color blush, as were her lips. The tone-on-tone-on-tone makeup felt romantic and true to the character of Barbie, but also to Robbie herself.

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