Now onto the application. The first thing I noticed after unscrewing the concealer’s cap was how skinny and thin the slanted doe-foot at the end of the wand was. It’s something I appreciated since it meant less of an overflow of product on the applicator, allowing for precision when spot-concealing and highlighting. The formula is also made with squalene and vitamin E, two key ingredients that make for an easy glide when swiping the concealer across my skin. Right away, I noticed medium coverage on top of my cystic acne marks, as I let the thin layer of product warm up on my skin.

I always set my under eyes and forehead with a loose setting powder, my current favorite being One/Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder, to minimize the shine. So it honestly took everything in my power to forego setting the left side of my face, to see what this concealer really could do. I had to give the people what they wanted, right?

After finishing my makeup, I compared both undereyes up close and personal. The only immediate difference I saw was a slight sheen that my left undereye gave off. Later that same day, I touched up my blush, added a wing, and admired my concealer before heading out to dinner. I’ll let the photo below do the talking here.

Results after a full day of wearing the Makeup By Mario Surreal Skin ConcealerCourtesy of writer

My normal skin type did dry out a bit with the undereye that I applied loose settle powder with my beauty blender with. While it was subtle, I took it as a sign to forego the additional step in my makeup routine. Sharing my experience with Dobos, she wasn’t surprised all all, reminding me that the self-setting formula is doing it (setting the makeup), and doing it well.

Makeup By Mario SurrealSkin Awakening Concealer

Makeup By Mario F5 Concealer Brush

Makeup By Mario SurrealSkin Awakening Concealer is available right now for $29, along with its corresponding F5 Concealer Brush for $24 on Snag your shade before it’s sold out — you know it’s going to.

Still debating? Watch my first-impression Instagram reel applying the SurrealSkin Awakening Concealer.

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