Who’s the last person you followed on TikTok?

I think it was Alix Earle. I’m not very active on TikTok myself, but I have a 15-year-old niece who’s super Gen Z. And she always keeps me very, very humble. I gave her mascara once and she said she didn’t like it and that she wanted Too Faced Better Than Sex — because that’s what Alix Earle uses.

What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?

A barbeque with my family. My sister has this beautiful backyard, so we usually will get together, make sangria, and recap the week. I’m the youngest of four. I have two brothers and one sister and we’re all very different. There are huge age gaps between all of us. So it’s so nice to get together with my parents and the kids and just hang out.

What about the beauty industry in 2023 do you find most exciting?

The community. With TikTok and social media, we have this amazing community where people love to teach and give information. There are niches for everybody. I think that back in the day when I was learning how to do makeup, it was very one [note].

What’s your hope for the beauty industry in 2033?

I’m curious to see how AI will translate into the beauty world. Will makeup brands start using AI-generated models or will there be new advancements that can draw eyeliner on our face? There are infinite possibilities. Ten years is a long time.

Current non-beauty obsession?

I listen to Khruangbin all the time. They’re this incredible band. Anytime I’m in glam, I put them on. And anytime I’m in my house… and it’s in my car. I’m obsessed with them. They have a bassist who is amazing and always has the coolest makeup. I’m dying to work with her. [(Hope you’re reading this, Laura Lee!)]

Favorite non-perfume smell?

The smell after you blow out birthday candles. It’s smoky, but still sweet, oddly. I don’t know, I think it’s just such a distinct smell and it makes me happy. Whenever anyone blows out birthday candles, it’s usually always a very happy moment.

Your fantasy superpower would be?

Reading people’s minds.

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