Back in September 2022, Madonna surprised TikTok fans when she revealed her new red hair color, a drastic change from the blonde shade we’ve become accustomed to. Back then, her hair was pin-straight and cascaded toward her hips, but now, almost a year later, all those inches of hair have been chopped into a shaggy mullet. 

She revealed her new edgy haircut via Instagram stories on June 10. The “Like a Virgin” singer looked straight into the camera without a smile or any sign of emotion. Underneath her face, she wrote, “When you know your only day off isn’t really a day off” in white text.  

Her red hair was soaking wet and lying erratically around her head. Some pieces fell over her forehead while the rest cascaded toward her collarbone. Her naturally brown roots have grown quite a bit, giving her hair a gorgeous ombré effect. It was hard to locate the shorter sections of her hair. 

Because her hair was damp, you can see her naturally curly texture, especially at the very tips of her hair. We can’t wait to see what her hair looks like when dry because the layered shag cut would make her natural curls look stunning.

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