After seeing Lupita Nyong’o‘s newly bald head, I was seriously contemplating shaving off my own (I even alerted my coworkers to not be shocked if I came into the office with short hair the following week). I still haven’t taken the clippers to my hair just yet, but Nyong’o clearly doesn’t want to make it easy for me to resist being a baldheaded baddie — she looked beyond stunning with an intricate henna tattoo where her hair would be. 

Nyong’o shared a video of her look, which she wore to celebrate the opening of the Monsoon Wedding Musical, with Instagram fans on May 15. She started the post by stating, “When we are invited to an Indian wedding, we USE WHAT WE GOT to HONOR & CELEBRATE! #BaldieBrigade.” Hairstylist Jay Johnson helped her go bald, and henna artist Sabeen Marghoob drew the ornate design on her scalp.

It’s hard to capture all the details of this henna tattoo from this short clip, but you can see several different flowers drawn all around her head. Some portions of her head were completely shaded in. Marghoob extended the design into a V-like shape on Nyong’o’s forehead, where you can see a few leaves and what looks like a row of dangling beads or gems draped across her forehead. 

Though her henna tattoo was the main character of this look, her makeup was just as striking. Makeup artist Nick Barose swept dark shadows onto her lids for a smoky-eye look and painted her lips with a vibrant fuchsia shade with a shiny finish.  

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