On April 2, history was made when the Louisana State University (LSU) Tigers took home the NCAA women’s basketball championship for the first time. Admittedly, I don’t watch sports at all but tuned into the social media chatter regarding the game and LSU player Angel Reese. I was just as enamored by her confidence as I was by the wispy lashes and black micro French mani that she wore to play.

The Bayou Barbie, a nickname given to Reese by her fans, stepped onto the court with her micro-French manicure and wavy hair held back by a purple headband with some swooped baby hairs along her hairline. Her wispy lashes looked so long I wouldn’t be shocked if spectators could see them while sitting courtside. 

Reese’s nails were a short, natural-looking length in a squoval shape. Her manicure looked closer to a traditional French manicure than a lot of the remixes of the design we see today — but instead of white tips, hers were black. Despite the small size, her tips still had that C-curve shape that has been popular with a lot of modern-day French manis. 

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