As true fans will recall, Lizzo blessed us with not one, not two, but three different epic Halloween costumes in 2021. One of those costumes was Grogu aka Baby Yoda. The “About Damn Time” singer committed to the role with massive prosthetic ears, a silver wig, and face and body paint. On April 5, the star finally got to meet the tiny bestie of her dreams when she made a cameo appearance in The Mandalorian as The Duchess. 

She shared a carousel of some behind-the-scenes moments from the show, and the first photo was a selfie of Lizzo as The Duchess with Baby Yoda in the lower left corner. Her costume involved a navy blue dress with sparkly mesh arms and a massive headpiece. Her hair was fashioned into several box braids and twists that were weaved together creating a gravity-defying look. 

As for makeup, Lizzo’s team didn’t skip out on color. Pink and purple shadows were blended onto her lids. Her cheeks looked like they were buffed with a coral blush. A brown pigment was painted onto her lips, making the eye makeup the star of the show. 

Her eye makeup also happened to coordinate quite well with her manicure. Her long almond-shaped tips were painted with a cat eye design. Cat eye manicures, which became super popular in 2019, typically involve iridescent or metallic streaks drawn over another color. The streaks in her manicure were a light pink hue in the midst of the deeper berry color on her nails. 

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