We may or may not be a little bit obsessed with Lizzo and every single beauty moment she posts on the ‘gram and TikTok. Somehow in the midst of performing around the world, the pop star had time to visit Sesame Street and play the flute for two children’s TV icons, Elmo and Cookie Monster, with the bounciest high ponytail and the cutest braided tendrils. 

On February 22, Lizzo shared a short clip of her playing, “Sesame Street‘s famous Cookie Flute,” according to Elmo, for the two puppets. The clip ends unsurprisingly with Cookie Monster showing how he plays the Cookie Flute aka devouring it (don’t worry; he still manages to play it while it’s in his stomach). Aside from Lizzo’s impressive flute-playing skills, our eyes kept darting to her curly ponytail and bright pink eye makeup

Updos with face-framing tendrils are not new to Lizzo, but we love the unexpected braids in this style. Those tiny braids start as cornrows right at the crown of her head, and transition at the temples into big curls that match the rest of her hair. Her baby hairs were finessed into a few swoops around her hairline. 

Sesame Workshop/Jesse Grant

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