Lizzo is ready to find the One Ring. The musician transformed herself into “Lizzolas,” an adorable reference to Orlando Bloom’s iconic Lord of the Rings character Legolas and his signature flowing platinum blonde hair with the help of a wavy, icy blonde wig and a healthy dose of glitter.

The musician traveled to the Shire to visit some Hobbit Holes and serenade them with a beautiful recorder rendition of the LOTR theme, but it was her magical hair and makeup that really caught our eye … wait, are those elf ears? Lizzo clearly thought of every detail with her LOTR cosplay moment, and we love her for it. The Legolas-blonde hair was pulled up and back into a loose half-up style with beachy, undone waves flowing down her back and two tendrils pulled out on either side of her face, similar to the style Bloom wears in the beloved film adaptations and perfect for a day of “house hunting” in the Shire.

Her makeup was equally otherworldly, with a dusting of fairylike golden glitter across her lids and down her cheekbones atop a warm pink blush. Shiny lip gloss and a bright pink manicure finished off the look and really shined alongside Lizzo’s recorder, which she managed to play beautifully — unlike me in fourth grade.

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