There is no one more indecisive than I am when it comes to picking a nail polish color. When I’m at the nail salon, my vacillation has understandably earned eye rolls from nail techs, and when I’m at home, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard both my fiancé and my dog sigh in exasperation over my inability to just pick and stick to a damn color. If only I’d thought of Lizzo‘s manicure idea earlier, I would never go wrong and save everyone a lot of annoyance.

On Sunday, May 28, the singer posted a carousel to Instagram showing her latest concert beauty look, and it included a closeup of her hands. She was wearing what appeared to be four sterling-silver rings, and on her shorter-than-usual nails was a shimmery, opaque silver polish that perfectly matched the precious metal. Nail artist Eri Ishizu was credited with the flawless manicure. (To get a similar look, try Allure Best of Beauty Award-winning Olive & June Long Lasting Polish in OJPAS.) 

I love the idea of matching your nail polish to your jewelry because the options are endless yet definitive. Wearing rose gold rings? Rose gold nail polish it is. Sporting a gemstone like emerald or ruby? There are polishes that match those jewels perfectly. Not wearing rings? Complement your necklace or earrings instead. Easy-peasy.

Lizzo’s makeup look is nothing to sneeze at either: Look at that charcoal cut crease! She even pulls hints of gray into the shading of her lips. 

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