Lizzo has been blessing fans all over the world with her catchy tunes and dope dance moves, especially since her Special tour began in September 2022. In the midst of her high-energy performances and posting her gorgeous tour looks, the singer-songwriter took some time to get candid with TikTok fans about weight loss — more specifically, how she does not desire to be thin despite having lost weight. 

On May 15, she stitched a video from TikTok creator @tiffriahgrande, who was seeking other fat people who are working out for their fitness and health rather than trying “to escape fatness.” Lizzo couldn’t agree more with the creator and started her video by saying, “Heavy on the not trying to escape fatness. Heavy fucking on it. I just wanted to stitch this to show support to you because this creator specifically said I’m looking for people that I can resonate with. 
Very very same.” 

Lizzo proceeded to explain the physical demands of her “high-performance job” as a musical artist, which includes 90 minutes per night of dancing, singing, rapping, playing the flute, and hyping big crowds while wearing tight clothes that make it hard to breathe at times. Don’t get her wrong, she loves her job — something she emphasizes in the video — but as she got further into her career, she started investing more in her fitness and stamina for the physical aspects of her job.

“I think a lot of people see a fat person that way and immediately just assume everything they are doing is trying to be thin,” she says. “I’m not trying to be thin. I don’t ever want to be thin.” She noted that she accepts her body through all its weight fluctuations, but ultimately exercise and other lifestyle changes she invests in are about being healthy and happy, nothing else. 

“Embracing the fact that your body changes, that’s a part of it, and making sure that this,” she said while pointing at her brain, “is what we have the power over. Everything I eat, everything I do, every time I move my body, it’s all for this. If this ain’t happy, none of this is happy.” 

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In less than three minutes, Lizzo shared a refreshing take on navigating exercising, weight loss, and fatphobia not only as a fat person but as an entertainer, too. She ends her video simply by extending more compassion to the original creator. “So hello friend, I feel you.”

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