Hairstylist Shelby Swain was truly working double duty for Lizzo on Met Gala Monday. In addition to creating her lofty updo full of voluminous curls and finished off with starkly contrasting, super-straight baby bangs, she helped completely transform the singer’s look for the afterparty into that of a blonde bombshell.

Before making her way over to join fellow celebrities at The Standard, High Line’s Boom Boom Room, Lizzo underwent a total makeover that most notably involved what is arguably the polar opposite of the hairstyle she wore to the Met Gala itself. In photos she posted on Tuesday, Lizzo is seen wearing a bright blonde wig in a style that brings to mind blonde ’90s icons like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith.

The long loose waves were teased at the top for oomph, with long, wispy, side-swept bangs. The retro feel was intensified by Lizzo’s disco-inspired, golden Paco Rabanne ensemble, which complemented the blonde hue perfectly.

All Lizzo said about the look was “Afters ????” in the caption — but her fans had a lot more to say. “Wow, you look really good in blonde and I love your eye make up,” one commenter wrote. (An understatement if we’ve ever read one.) “You invented golden hour I see,” another said.

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