Lizzo is feeling blue — well, her hair is, anyway. (And no, I will not be making an Eiffel 65 joke here.) The “Special” singer just hit the stage in an adorable bob with a ’60s silhouette but a Y2K-era color.

Lizzo, who is currently on tour, wore a shiny flipped-out bob with bright blue streaks for a stop in Milan, Italy. Her hair was parted to one side for extra swing and swoop and painted with blue accents near her face and at the ends of her hair, similar to the futuristic vibes of the new millennium era. (Remember Kelly Rowland’s iconic red bob?) Under certain lights, her hair appeared black, but in others, it was clearly enhanced with a bold pop of blue, a fun contrast against her strappy, sparkly bright-red catsuit.

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The bob itself was all 1960s mod with its flippy ends and short and sassy length, hitting right under her chin. It managed to stay perfectly styled in those retro swoops, falling right back into place after she tossed her head or danced along to her songs. The musician and Yitty founder is clearly a fan of shorter styles, as she’s rocked lots of bobs in the past few months, notably with the sleek and shiny ’60s look she wore to the Brit Awards with her pale pink clamshell gown and pastel makeup. She has also incorporated colorful highlights into her tour looks; in October, she accented her butt-length waves with bright pink streaks to match her eyeshadow, swapping the red jumpsuit for a lemon-lime version.

Lizzo has been having so much fun with her beauty looks while on the Special tour, and this stop was no different. She let the blue bob shine onstage and stuck to a monochromatic makeup look of warm brown tones. She’ll be on tour until summer, so this is just the tip of the iceberg — there’s definitely much more beauty inspo to come.

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