It’s been only six weeks since Lindsay Lohan announced that she’s pregnant with her first child, but it should come as no surprise that she’s much farther along than that. (Most people don’t announce their pregnancies until after the first trimester.) She hasn’t share her due date, but from the looks of new photos, we’d venture to guess that she’s at least halfway to the finish line. But one thing can’t be debated: Lohan’s pregnancy glow is turned all the way up.

The stunning first photo in a carousel posted by the actor on Thursday, April 27, shows Lohan in a sleek, chic, long-sleeve white dress with a frosty white manicure. Although the sun is hitting her in a gorgeous way, it’s clear that the beaming we see is coming from within — literally. She’s truly glowing, and that smile says everything.

Most of the remaining photos appear to have been taken at her baby shower, among friends and family, including mom Dina Lohan and sister Aliana Lohan. Lindsay is wearing an orange tank dress with fun, long fringe from mid-thigh to ankle. Like with the white dress, there’s no hiding her baby bump — and why would she want to? She looks flawless. 

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