The aren’t any rules when it comes to manicures and seasons… says the same person who wrote “53 Nail Art Ideas for a Fresh Autumn Manicure.” It’s true, though — no one is going to throw a flag on the field if you wear Lincoln Park After Dark before Labor Day. Yet, at the same time, certain colors and looks have undeniably season-specific vibes, which is probably why I felt kinda weird when I requested this summer’s hugely popular white, shimmery manicure at the nail salon just last week. And considering her recent post, I’m guessing Lilly Collins felt similarly unnecessarily apologetic when she got a not-very-fall manicure despite it being October.

Collins posted a closeup of her hand to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, October 4, in which she wrote, “Mixing the last of my summer-inspired nails with the cozy fall weather.” And just from the look of the gray and pink checkered Stine Goya sweater she’s wearing, the Emily in Paris star is definitely convincingly cozy. But her nails do have a very summery — if not downright springy — feel.

The elegant, oval nails have a sheer, pale pink base like you might see on a traditional French manicure, but instead of painted edges, each nail has a diagonal slab of the palest periwinkle, separated from the base color by a thin, gold line. 

Instagram/Lily Collins

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