When Saturn, the planet that governs rules, goes retrograde in Pisces and your 6th House of Health on Saturday, June 17, the stars ask you to check in with your wellness routines. Remember, when astrologers talk about your health, we’re not making any grave predictions; we’re just reminding you to take care of yourself. In addition to getting enough sleep and eating delicious foods, even Saturn, the strictest planet of the zodiac, reminds you that beauty rituals are a part of your wellness routines, so it’s okay to lean into vanity and explore bold makeup looks around this time. This weekend also brings a flirty new moon in Gemini on Sunday, June 18, so it’s a super fun time to glam it up and hit the town because your confidence and charisma will be in full force. 

When Cancer season begins on Wednesday, June 21, and the sun enters your 10th House of Social Status. As a result, the next few weeks are excellent for making new friends and forging professional connections. Say yes to social invitations around this time, as you could meet people who have a profound effect on your future. With Mercury, the messenger of the gods, also entering Cancer on Monday, June 26, you continue to feel bold in conversations, and your allure is through the roof. And, if you begin to feel worn out from all that chatting, know that the last weekend of the month, when dreamy Neptune goes retrograde in its home sign of Pisces and your 6th House of Health, starting on Friday, June 30, is exquisite for staying in and catching up on sleep. See you next month, Libra. 

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