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It’s July 2023, Libra, which means your ruling planet, romantic Venus, goes retrograde this month. But don’t worry; we’ll tell you how to navigate the retrograde.

During June, thanks to a once-in-a-generation shift from the transformative planet Pluto, you reexamined your work/life balance and professional boundaries. Are you neglecting your personal life and emotional well-being for demands at work? If so, you need a night of self-care. Monday, July 3, brings a full moon in Capricorn and your 4th House of Home and Family, which was made for this. Make this date all about you. Whatever your favorite avenues of pleasure are, — taking long baths, testing the waters with new sexual exploration experiences, or catching up on streaming your fave shows — your star sign assignment is to pamper yourself.

While the full moon in Capricorn is all about being delightfully selfish, when the messenger planet Mercury enters big-hearted Leo and your 11th House of Friendship on Tuesday, July 11, text your friends to see how they’re doing. You may be surprised to learn that someone you love is having a tough time and could use some love. There’s a new moon in Cancer and your 10th House of Social Status on Monday, July 17, ideal for spoiling your friend just as you spoiled yourself during the full moon. Whether they want takeout and a quiet night in, glitter makeup and dancing, or a spa trip, make it your Cancer new moon mission to plan a fun night with your buddy.

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Mark Saturday, July 22, in your calendar because it’s the date that your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde, which will last through Sunday, September 3. There’s no cause for alarm; you’ve survived plenty of Venus retrogrades. However, as Venus rules money and love, conversations involving finances or your relationship status might drag out a little longer than usual. And, as Venus also rules beauty, astrologers tend to advise against making permanent changes to your appearance during Venus retrograde, such as plastic surgery, a piercing, or a tattoo. However, sometimes you just need a new ear piercing, and temporary tattoos are now a real thing, so rest assured that you can still have fun during your ruling planet’s backward dance.

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