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Happy September and solar return, Libra. Your season begins this month. Are you ready to rejoice or feeling a little too stressed to celebrate just yet? If you’re up for getting out of the house, all your friends will be more than down to have a good time, as September brings calm and centering to all star signs. August brought Mercury retrograde, which thankfully ends this month, and it’s not the only planet completing its backward dance. On SundaySeptember 3, your ruling planet, Venus, also finally goes direct. Now that the planet of love, beauty, and abundance is no longer retrograde, make all the changes to your appearance you want, whether it’s a playful new piercing or fresh haircut. As you may recall, astrologers can frown upon body modifications during Venus retrograde. Conversations surrounding cash or relationship changes should also flow easier now that the planet is direct.

The next day, on Monday, September 4, Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. Gas giant Jupiter is the planet of expansion. When it retrogrades, second chances occur. However, just because you are offered an opportunity to restart a failed friendship or get in bed with an ex doesn’t mean you should take it. Remember, Mercury is also retrograde. This combination means that a former lover will likely resurface, so check your DMs with caution. However, sometimes bad decisions are good decisions; just make sure to reflect on why you two originally ended things and identify what your goals are this time around before jumping headfirst into a major nostalgia-lationship.

Regardless of the situation, you may feel stressed over how to handle it. Thankfully, when Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, enters your sign on Wednesday, September 13, that well-honed intuition kicks in to act as your trusted guide. For some Libras, this means ignoring traditional advice and hooking up with a former fling, as long as you can do so healthily, without anyone breaking their heart. For others, it’s summoning the power of the block button.

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