As the sign of balance and justice, you want to make everyone happy—sometimes sacrificing your own joy to do so.

When the sun enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 22, due to this creative outlet, you’re actually excited about the holiday season. If you continue to integrate self-care, you’ll also feel confident enough to vocalize how you wish to spend the festive season. And when we say festive, we mean celebrating the holidays your way. Of course, for some people, that means honoring travel or family commitments. But when Mars, the ruler of war, enters Sagittarius and your 3rd House of Communication on Friday, November 24, you have no trouble standing up for yourself. As the sign of balance and justice, you often want to make everyone happy, sometimes sacrificing your own joy to do so. At the risk of sounding corny, you must remember that there is a way to do it all. As the sign of relationships, too, you can navigate the Thanksgiving-holiday stress as long as you keep your stress levels down. So, once again, rejoice, knowing that means you have an astrologer-approved excuse to continue to pamper yourself. 

Earlier this month, when you dived into a different creative outlet, it was for you. Whether you worked on the manuscript of that novel or switched up your eye makeup, you did so because it brought you joy. But when Monday, November 27, lights up the sky with a full moon in your popular Gemini, you’re pleased that others take an interest in your passion. Despite the fact that you have gorgeous Venus on your side, you can be shy, Libra. This lunation begs you to step into the spotlight, admit that you have talent, and share it with others. Enjoy the attention and praise, and we’ll see you in December. 

Important dates in November 2023:

Saturday, November 4: Saturn goes direct in Pisces
Wednesday, November 8: Venus enters Libra
Thursday, November 9: Mercury enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 13: New moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius 
Friday, November 24: Mars enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 27: Full moon in Gemini

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